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Call For Papers

January 2018

  Submission         January 10

  Acceptance         Januray 20

  Publication          January 31

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International Journal of advanced studies in Computer Science and Engineering (IJASCSE) is here to provide a timely and broad coverage of research in ever-challenging field of Computer Science and Computer Science Engineering. IJASCSE is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, fully refereed, monthly, Open Access journal for research scholars with a mix of regular and theme based issues to share their new and advanced research in CS and CSE. 

The papers published at IJASCSE are currently Abstracted & Indexed by some world famous databases.

Call For Papers

December 2017

    Submission             December 10

      Notification            December 20

      Publication            December 31

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International journal of advanced studies in Computer Science and Engineering (IJASCSE) maintains all published papers in Open Access Database which provides open access of all listed papers to universities, researchers and scholars. It is based on OAI-PMH protocols which help to index the research papers worldwide. All Issues published are dedicated to best practices on ethical matters, errors and retractions. The prevention of publication malpractice is one of the important responsibilities of the editorial board. Any kind of unethical behavior is not acceptable, and plagiarism is not tolerated in any form. Our ethic statements are based on Elsevier recommendations and COPE's Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors. 

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Regular Issue(s)

IJASCSE Volume 6 Issue 10

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Theme based Issue(s)

IJASCSE Volume 6 Issue 11

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Theme Based Issue(s)

    IJASCSE Volume 6, Issue 11   

  IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue 01 

  IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue 03 

  IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue 05 

  IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue 07 

  IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue 09 

Regular Issue(s)


   IJASCSE Volume 6, Issue 12  

IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue 02

 IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue 04

 IJASCSE Voulme 7, Issue 06

  IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue 08 

 IJASCSE Volume 7, Issue  10