International Journal of Advanced Studies in Computer Science and Engineering (IJASCSE)

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Call For Papers

May 2019

  Submission         May 10

  Acceptance         May 20

  Publication          May 31

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International Journal of advanced studies in Computer Science and Engineering (IJASCSE) is here to provide a timely and broad coverage of research in ever-challenging field of Computer Science and Computer Science Engineering. IJASCSE is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, fully refereed, monthly, Open Access journal for research scholars with a mix of regular and theme based issues to share their new and advanced research in Computer Science and Engineering. 

The papers published at IJASCSE are currently Abstracted & Indexed by some world famous databases.

 Call For Papers

April  2019

     Submission                     April 10

      Notification                     April 20

      Publication                     April 30

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Open Access Database

IJASCSE is an onliner peer reviewed quality publication which publishes rearch papers from diverse fields in computers, sciences, engineering and technologies that emphasizes new research, development and their applications. It provides an open access database for all who are interested to exchange their research work, technical notes & surveying results among professionals through out the world.


IJASCSE volume 1 issue 4                                                                                                                                                                                  

An effect of synthesis parameters on structural properties of AlN thin films deposited on metal substrates

S. Shanmugan, P. Anithambigai, D. Mutharasu,I.Abdul Razak

Analysis and Design of Lead Salt PbSe/PbSrSe Single Quantum Well In the Infrared Region

Majed F. Khodr

A Study on Thermal behavior of Nano film as thermal interface layer

Lee Yuan Thing,Shanmugan Subramani, Mutharasu Devarajan,Dinash Kandasamy

Closed-orm Rate Outage Probability for OFDMA Multi-Hop Broadband Wireless Networks under NakagamiF-m Channels

Mohammad Hayajneh,Najah Abu Ali

Energy Aware Task Scheduling for Soft Real Time Systems using an Analytical Approach for Energy Estimation

Namita Sharma, Vineet Sahula, C.P. Ravikumar 


Evaluation of Exception Handling Metrics

Ebrahim Awad Shided Alharbi 

Investigation of Integrated Rectangular SIW Filter and Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Based on Circuit Theory Approach

Z. Zakaria, W. Y. Sam, M. Z. A. Abd Aziz, M. S. Jawad, and M. S. Mohamad Isa

Performance analysis of a model predictive unified power flow controller (MPUPFC) as a solution of power system stability

Md. Shoaib Shahriar, Md. Saiful Islam, B. M. Ruhul Amin

Synthesis and structural properties of Mg (OH)2 on RF sputtered Mg thin films by simple hot water process method

S.Shanmugan, P.Anithambigai, D.Mutharasu,I. Abdul Razak

Wireless Sensor Networks-Cluster-based Target Tracking and Recovery Algorithm 

 Mohini Gawande, Veena Gulhane

Wireless Sensor Newtworks-Congestion Control Methods and Design Guidelines

Sanket A Chandure, Veena A. Gulhane 

Wireless Sensor Networks-Digital Image Encryption Using Inter-Pixel Displacement of RGB Attribute

Pranali Suryavanshi, Veena Gulhane 

Wireless Sensor Networks-Effective Fault Detection Analysis of Faulty Nodes

Uma Dhengre, Veena Gulhane    

ain thin film
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nano coating
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energy aware task
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circuit theory approach
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mg thin films
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cluster-based target
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congestion control methods
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image encryption
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wireless sensor networks
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