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May 2019

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International Journal of advanced studies in Computer Science and Engineering (IJASCSE) is here to provide a timely and broad coverage of research in ever-challenging field of Computer Science and Computer Science Engineering. IJASCSE is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, fully refereed, monthly, Open Access journal for research scholars with a mix of regular and theme based issues to share their new and advanced research in Computer Science and Engineering. 

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 Call For Papers

April  2019

     Submission                     April 10

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      Publication                     April 30

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IJASCSE is an online peer reviewed quality publication, which publishes research papers from diverse fields in computers, sciences, engineering and technologies that emphasizes new research, development and their applications. It provides an open access database for all who are interested to exchange their research work, technical notes & surveying results among professionals through out the world.


 IJASCSE volume 8 issue 1 (Theme: Engineering & Communication)  


Efficient Nano Antenna for Photonic Devices

Vishal K.Doltani, Fahim A Umrani, Riaz A.Soomro


Abstract-This paper presents the efficient Yagi-Uda nanoantenna with the chain of directors, reflector and a feed element, where these elements have been optimized to fulfil the requirement of high directivity and the gain of antenna. The proposed design consists of six core and cladding with silver core and silicon cladding is used to achieve high directivity. The design is analyzed by FIT based CST Software package by which Directivity and Gain of the antenna are computed. The enhancement of this directivity is mainly contributed by the increase in the number of directors from the four to five and the optimized length of the directors which is scaled by 0.9. The simulated results show that the proposed Yagi antenna provides good performance in terms of directivity. The suggested antenna design shows the improved directivity of 17.62 at 500 nm wavelength. The proposed design has wide range of applications including as solar cells. 


NPA TRACKER MOBILE APPLICATION – An Innovative Application of Computer Engineering in Economic Development of the Nation
Y V S BHARADWAJ, Sai Bhageerath Y V, Prasada Rao YVSSSV

Abstract-NPA (Non-Performing Asset) is a mounting problem which has been an agony for economies globally. The increasing NPA levels in financial institutions calls for immediate attention and earliest action as it hits the GDP levels and most importantly is a menace to the public. An NPA tracker application is a tool to check this menace. Itis a mobile cum web application which tracks the NPA customer by tagging the borrower’s location using GPS map,updates on recovery status, real time approval of requests, video and audio data upload, monitoring team performance and so on. This paper outlines on what NPA is, it’s negative impact on the country’s economic stability and how does NPA tracker help in curbing this menace. Various modules involved in the NPA tracker application, its development process, architecture and security features involved in the development of the NPA tracker application explained.

Performance Analysis of Different Memory Element Configurations
Samson O. Ogunlere; Olutimi S. Onilede; Babatope S. Adeniyi


Abstract — This study shows remarkable performance improvement on high capacity of computer memory with the developed memory element. This paper presents two models of comparison analysis frameworks known as Decision Tree and Propagation route to examine and evaluate the significant performance advantages of the memory element tagged “Extension at 87.5% active states utilization” over conventional Flip Flops at 50% and 75% active states utilization respectively. This study is therefore dedicated to the investigation of the existing conventional memory element performance in comparison to a memory element tagged “Extension”, that is capable of being selected for the purpose of reading from and writing into it.


Interception of P2P Traffic in a Campus Network

Merouane MEHDI, Messaoud BENSEBTI


Abstract- —Nowadays, many universities face bandwidth saturation problem caused by several origins. These include youtube abusively use, online games and especially illegal downloading that makes havoc to Peer-to-Peer protocol e.g. BitTorrent. The latter is often associated with data piracy and copyright violation. This article aims at presenting on one hand the impact of the use of Peer-to-Peer file sharing traffic on campus bandwidth by observation of BitTorrent traffic and on the other a method for limiting the illicit access to this kind of networks. For this purpose, we used a set of open source tools like wireshak sniffer software to capture Bitorrent traffic. Additionally, using the well-known Snort intrusion detection system with a number of adequate and new rules one can reduce bandwidth saturation problem. This solution allowed in our case, a bandwidth saturation reduction of 35%.

Keywords- Directivity, Yagi-uda, nanoantenna, photonics, FIT, CST.

Keywords— Non-Performing Asset, GDP, NPA tracker, tagging, GPS map, video and audio data upload.

Keywords- Active State Utilization, Dynamic Random Access Memory, Rapid Miner Model, Propagation Time and Average Request Service Time.

Keywords- Intranet, P2P traffic, BitTorrent, µtorrent, Bandwidth, Snort IDS.

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