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May 2019

  Submission         May 10

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  Publication          May 31

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International Journal of advanced studies in Computer Science and Engineering (IJASCSE) is here to provide a timely and broad coverage of research in ever-challenging field of Computer Science and Computer Science Engineering. IJASCSE is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, fully refereed, monthly, Open Access journal for research scholars with a mix of regular and theme based issues to share their new and advanced research in Computer Science and Engineering. 

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 Call For Papers

April  2019

     Submission                     April 10

      Notification                     April 20

      Publication                     April 30

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IJASCSE is an online peer reviewed quality publication, which publishes research papers from diverse fields in computers, sciences, engineering and technologies that emphasizes new research, development and their applications. It provides an open access database for all who are interested to exchange their research work, technical notes & surveying results among professionals through out the world.


 IJASCSE volume 7 issue 09 (Theme: IoT & Communication)                            


Comparative Analysis of IoT Based Home Automation System using Android Application and Voice Recognition System

Komal Memon, Saddar Uddin Memon, Nafeesa Bohra, Rab Nawaz Maitlo


Abstract-In this paper we majorly focuses and compares the Voice Based System (VBS) using Bluetooth and IOT Based System (IBS) using Internet. Voice Based System (VBS) enables user to have control over electric and electronic appliances in home with their voice within Bluetooth range. Whereas IoT based system (IBS) home appliances are controlled using android app. VBS is more secure as compared to the IBS because it requires accurate voice and accurate command to recognize the authorize person whereas in IBS after successful login it becomes user friendly. Whereas the performance of IBS is better than VBS because IoT based appliances can be controlled from anywhere using Internet but in VBS we uses the Bluetooth and so it works well where the maximum distance is approximately 8 to 10 meters only because of short communication range of Bluetooth.


Development of 4G Technology Using MCCDMA Transmission System for Multiuser
Manik Kumar Shil 

Abstract-Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is currently dominating air interface technique used in wireless communication for 3G and 4G system.Multi carrier CDMA ,WCDMA Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM) used for 3G & 4G wireless network technique allow high data rate transmisson.Rapid time variation of the wireless channel have the effect on the performance of CDMA system.The objective of the paper is to provide the performance analysis of Multicarrier CDMA system model for different spreading sequences like Walsh codes, PN codes and Gold codes for multiuser implemented on Rayleigh fading channel and Additive White Gaussian Noise(AWGN) channel using MATLAB

Faiza Riaz


Abstract —In this research work, an architecture model for multi tasks offloading designed to overcome this problem. For this purpose CloudSim simulator use with the NetBeans and implement the MCOP algorithm. This algorithm solves the execution timing issue and enhances the mobile system performance. In this tasks are partitioning into two parts and then implemented on cloud site or locally. It reduces the time response and communication cost or tasks execution cost.


Senior Project Management System: Requirements, Specification, and Design Issues

Ahmed Al-Dallal


Abstract- Senior project is a typical essential course in computing educational programs. The course involves the selection of a project problem, the submission of various documents, and intensive communication among the project team members and between them and the course instructors. To facilitate all these tasks, we introduce the senior project management system (SPMS) that organizes and manages previous, current, and proposed senior projects in all of their stages along with proper ways of communication between the students and course instructors. This paper explains the system requirements and specifications and discusses related design issues. The paper shows the importance of well documenting the specifications and requirements of software systems and paying considerable attention to system design, which has a positive impact on implementing high quality systems

Keywords- Home Automation, IoT, Android, Wi-Fi Module, Voice Control

Keywords—MC-CDMA, OFDM, PN sequence, Gold sequence, Walsh code, BER, AWGN.

Keywords- Mobile Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing Offloading, Smart Mobile Devices, Optimal Partitioning Algorithm

Keywords- application development; prototyped waterfall model; senior project

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