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May 2019

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International Journal of advanced studies in Computer Science and Engineering (IJASCSE) is here to provide a timely and broad coverage of research in ever-challenging field of Computer Science and Computer Science Engineering. IJASCSE is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, fully refereed, monthly, Open Access journal for research scholars with a mix of regular and theme based issues to share their new and advanced research in Computer Science and Engineering. 

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 Call For Papers

April  2019

     Submission                     April 10

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IJASCSE is an online peer reviewed quality publication, which publishes research papers from diverse fields in computers, sciences, engineering and technologies that emphasizes new research, development and their applications. It provides an open access database for all who are interested to exchange their research work, technical notes & surveying results among professionals through out the world.


 IJASCSE volume 7 issue 05 (Theme: Engineering & Information Technology)                            


An Appraisal of Agile DSDM Approach
Suman Babu Chapram


Abstract-In current generations, software development has been the biggest problem while developing large scale applications considering the resourced and dynamic changes of client requirement. Considering the limitations in Business Process (BP) and Xtreme Programming (XP) this paper will focus on Dynamic System Development methodologies (DSDM) which will help to develop the software at a regular pace accepting dynamic changes in client requirements which will help to better planning, optimizing costs, managing, executing and scaling agile process and iterative software development projects.


Discovering Success Factors of OSS Projects
Qamar-un-Nisa Kamal, Naeem Ahmed Mahoto, Irfanullah Memon


Abstract-The very first step in this study is to determine some effective measures to evaluate OSS projects. These evaluation parameters are discovered by applying statistically analysis methods on data. From the results of statistical analysis, it is found that the most successful OSS projects have number of watchers greater than or equal to 1000.  Then further in this study this parameter is set as a threshold value to indicate the success of any particular project. Once we have got a proper measure, data mining techniques are applied to find out associations that exist in successful OSS projects. Sporadic Association Rule algorithm is applied on data because the ratio of successful OSS projects is very small. The extracted information provides useful knowledge about successful OSS projects. The in-depth knowledge of success factors may help OSS communities to strengthen OSS development paradigm and provide guidelines for collaborative development.


Exploring M2O Service System and Its Impact on Continuous Use Intention

Lisa Y Chen, Tamara Kliček, Chia-Chieh Tsai


Abstract-M2O has become an important marketing strategy for companies. Therefore, this study uses post-acceptance model of IS continuance to investigate the effect of M2O service system on consumer confirmation, perceived usefulness, user satisfaction, and continuous use intention. This study was conducted with descriptive statistics for 173 questionnaires and statistical methods such as the reliability and validity analysis, Pearson correlation analysis, and regression analysis were used to test the hypotheses. The empirical results of this study show that all hypotheses are supported. Finally, the results of the study are summarized, and the findings and future research proposals are proposed. The results of this study can serve as a reference for the future development of enterprises and follow-up researchers. 

Investigation and Analysis of  Operation Characteristics of Public Bicycles in Wenzhou
Yajie Zhang, Zhanxiang Ye


Abstract — In this paper the author explore the operation characteristic of the public bicycle system in Wenzhou using big data analysis. Taking the survey results of public bicycle users in Lucheng District of Wenzhou and the operations  of 181 sites in 20 days as the analysis object, using data analysis software and other tools to analyze the form characteristics of public bicycles, including the daily use of single bike, the busiest station and the most idle stations. According to the analysis, the time between lease and return in Wenzhou observes the law of lognormal distribution.Based on the analysis results, he author puts forward some suggestions to  the current public bicycle service systems,  for the systematic network distribution of lease sites and optimal management of hierarchy scheduling.

Keywords- - Agile; Software development; Scrum; DSDM; ShortTerm goals.

Keywords — Open Source Project, OSS

Keywords- M2O service system; confirmation; perceived usefulness; user satisfaction; continuous use intention

Keywords— public bike; Trip distance; large data processing;travel Characters

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